Blood Donor Stories

Donor Stories

When Kelsey's young life was threatened by leukemia, she was scared she wouldn't be able to do the thing she loved the most... reading with her mother. But thanks to blood donors, Kelsey will be able to listen to her mom reading her favorite stories for hours. Kelsey is thankful for the generous blood donors that gave her a life-saving gift and is excited to think that one day she, too, will be able to read to her children.

It was a cold day in March and I chose to take down my Christmas lights from around the outside of my home. I got up on a small ladder, in order to reach the lights that had been placed on the eaves. When I was stepping off the ladder, I didn't realize my foot was on a patch of ice and slipped onto the patio. Immediately, I felt pain in my hip and all over my leg. I knew I had broken something. I broke my hip and my femur and required three units of O+ blood during the surgery. I know if it wasn't for blood donors making the decision to donate blood, I wouldn't have had the blood necessary for my surgery. I am grateful for the life-saving blood I was given. Donors impacted my life.

- Judy Slinger

  Janell has suffered from anemia since she was born. When she was just two months old, her parents rushed her to the hospital when they noticed she was suddenly very pale. She was immediately given a blood transfusion. As the rosy color returned to her body, Janelle's family silently thanked the person who shared a part of themselves so their daughter may one day be healthy again. Thanks to donors like you, Janelle will be able to enjoy the many blessings of her childhood and has hope for a bright future.

Shortly after returning from summer camp, 11-year-old Jana found herself getting frequent, severe headaches. And then one day, she couldn't open her eyes because of the pain. Her parents sought immediate medical advice and several MRIs and CAT scans later, the problem was revealed. Jana had a brain stem tumor the size of a golf ball. A painful year of chemotherapy and life-saving blood transfusions followed. Now a freshman in high school, Jana's tumor has been reduced to the size of a pea, and she is monitored regularly through follow-up appointments with her doctors. Jana says she feels great, loves going to school, and one day wants to be a video game programmer.

Danni Johnson has been a long time blood donor, but never realized it would someday save her life. Following a surgery, Danni received 29 blood transfusions and four units of plasma in only 48 hours. Today, Danni is healthy and encourages others in the community to understand the importance of blood donation. "I will be forever grateful to my 29 blood donors whose selfless gifts saved my life in February 2009. They have allowed me to continue to raise my beautiful 13 year old daughter." - Danni