V.A. Medical Center Celebrates 6000th Blood Donation Impacting the Community

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V.A. Medical Center Celebrates 6000th Blood Donation Impacting the Community


The V.A. Medical Center and Community Blood Bank will celebrate the 6000th donation of blood since the bloodmobile began visiting the medical center in 1991, medical center and regional office employees, volunteers, and Veterans have now donated over 750 gallons of blood for use for patients in the Sioux Falls community.

The V. A. Medical Center sponsors five blood drives a year in partnership with the Community Blood Bank. As part of VA’s vision to be an active community partner, staff members are encouraged to take time to donate if they are medically able.

“The V.A. Medical Center has provided an astounding commitment towards the community’s blood supply throughout the years,” states Ken Versteeg, Executive Director, Community Blood Bank. “They are a valuable partner with Community Blood Bank and provide tremendous support to ensure blood is readily available throughout the year for our community. We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with the V.A. Medical Center for over 25 years and celebrate with the V.A. Medical Center for their 6000th donation of life saving blood.”

The V.A. Medical Center blood drive collects between 60-70 pints of blood each blood drive, which has enabled the Sioux Falls VA to be ranked in the Top 5 businesses who donate blood for the past 10 years.

Community Blood Bank is proud to be the sole blood provider for the Sioux Falls area and is self-sufficient with the support of organizations like the V.A. Medical Center. Community Blood Bank is not affiliated with any other blood bank organizations.