Community Blood Bank

Twin City Fan, Brookings, SD

Twin City Fan Brookings 101 Sunrise Ridge Road S., Brookings, SD, United States

Saving the lives of our community patients and providing hope.

Madison High School, Madison, SD

Madison High School 800 9th Street NE, Madison, SD, United States

Improving the local blood supply and providing hope in our community.

Tri-Valley High School, Colton, SD

Tri-Valley High School 46450 252nd Street, Colton, SD, United States

Making a difference to community patients in need by donating blood. Join us to keep the supply strong.  Call 605-446-3538 to schedule your donation.

Avera Heart Hospital, Sioux Falls, SD

Avera Heart Hospital 4500 W. 69th Street, Sioux Falls, SD, United States

Help local patients in need requiring a blood transfusion by scheduling your donation today:

Jefferson High School, Sioux Falls, SD

Jefferson High School 1600 N. Marion Road, Sioux Falls, SD, United States

We need your help to keep the local blood supply strong in Sioux Falls and surrounding communities. Click the link to schedule your donation today:

Dakota State University, Madison, SD

Dakota State University 820 N. Washington Avenue, Madison, SD, United States

Helping our community patients at the most critical time in their lives. Click the link to schedule a donation:

Rosenbauer South Dakota, Lyons, SD

Rosenbauer South Dakota 100 3rd Street, Lyons, SD, United States

Saving the lives of local patients in need by hosting the bloodmobile.

Windom Area High School, Windom, MN

Windom Area High School 1400 17th Street, Windom, MN, United States

Partnering up to save local lives. Call 507-831-6910 to schedule your appointment.