Community Blood Bank

Sponsor a Blood Drive

We rely on community partners and businesses to host successful blood drives to ensure an adequate supply of blood to the hospitals and communities we serve.

Hosting a blood drive is easy. Start with our Information for Successful Recruiting and High School Blood Drive pages.

Also take a look at our Blood Drive Timeline for more information.

As the volunteer coordinator, we will provide you with all you need to host a successful blood drive.

We rely on your enthusiasm and creative ideas to communicate the time and location of the blood drive, as well as encouragement to people to schedule an appointment to donate blood. We bring the bloodmobile, provide refreshments and do all the rest! It’s a wonderful volunteer project for your workplace, school, church or business.

We cannot do it without your support. When you hear that the Community Blood Bank bloodmobile is coming to your community, workplace or church, please make an appointment and donate blood. We are there for YOUR community and the blood comes back to serve local patients.

Schedule a Blood Drive

To host a community, church, organizational, or business blood drive: Please call (605) 331-3222 or toll-free at (877) 877-3070

Importance of a Blood Drive Publicity Coordinator

Conducting a successful bloodmobile drive requires commitment, a bit of planning and attention to a few key points. Your investment of time, effort, and caring provides a HUGE reward in fulfilling our community’s blood needs.

Key Points

  • Make a commitment: to the Community Blood Bank and ensure the commitment is completed.
  • Management support is vital: Requesting the company leaders to communicate their commitment by donating blood sends a message of encouragement and support to all employees.
  • An effective publicity coordinator: is vital to a successful blood drive event. The bloodmobile is not just another task someone gets stuck with overseeing. This is a life-saving mission and patients are counting on you and your organization.
  • Provide recognition: for current and new donors by posting their names on your company newsletter, sending them an e-thank you, provide the appreciation letter from Community Blood Bank on a company board or email it around to all staff, volunteers, etc.
  • Support the Community Blood Bank: by encouraging donating on a regular basis and allowing staff or students to donate during the bloodmobile drive.
  • Power of social media: continues to expand and improve last minute communication and acknowledgement of support and encouragement. Use your Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter pages, etc… to get word out and express the community’s needs for blood donors.


As the publicity coordinator for your organization’s bloodmobile drive, you are participating in a critical community service program. Each day, Community Blood Bank requires over 100 pints of blood to meet the needs of patients within the community. The donations we receive form your organization and other volunteers ensure our community hospitals the ability to treat trauma, surgery and cancer patients with life-saving blood.